Do Not Get Tricked By Furnishings


Renters are often misled by furnishings when viewing apartment because they have been tastefully decorated.

These furnishings are used for aesthetically appearance mostly but they’re also useful for another aim: they’re used to make the apartment look larger than it is. There are furnishing techniques and decorator which are able to make a room look greatly larger than it really is, for example some of the tricks are including the bed size, the amount of furniture and the layout of it. This article will provide useful tips for renters who are considering to rent furnished apartments.

The bed size

The first thing to control is the size of the bed in an apartment because it may be different from what you are used to. It might happen that the bed used in a model is a full-size bed and the whole room will look bigger than it would appear by using a king-size bed since everything will be in proportion. It’s really important to know the size of the bed before renting an apartment because sometimes renters are not used to smaller bed size, likewise it’s needed to consider that in certain situations it will be needed more space in the room and a smaller bed may be the solution.

 The amount of furniture

Once we’re over the bed size, it’s really important to check if the furniture inside is what it is needed. For example, when viewing the kitchen model if we see a table with just 2 chairs the room will look larger but if you’re going to need 4 chairs it may be disappointing.

Likewise, there may be a bedroom with just a bed and a nightstand which will look way less crowded than a bedroom with 2 beds, 2 nightstands and a dresser. When looking for models it’s wise to check for comparable items in each room in order to get an idea of the real size of the room.

The Layout

Checking the apartment layout is another really decisive step, because for example in a living room usually the layout is settled up in a way like every people inside the room may share a talk as well as watch the television from different angles, but if the television is positioned in a wrong spot and not be viewed in some situation it will be frustrating and not really enjoyable as apartment.


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