A Guide to Vines and How to Vine Beauty with Your Garden


Are you looking for an alternative to change the landscape design of your garden? Maybe you should try to add vines to your garden.

Yes, having vines on your garden will give you some advantages, especially to your garden. First, because often, vines are overlooked as a lovely complement to a garden. It brings extra shade, screen, shelter and also bring additional color to your yard.  Second, vines maximize the vertical space in your garden. So, if you already used every inch in the soil, you will be welcome this ideas. Third, vines can provide you an edible fruit. So, you can also enjoying that while wandering around your garden. Lastly, vines can serve as ground cover so when there is an area you wish to avoid deep roots from appearing, vines can be useful. Besides, vines help to prevent slopes in your garden from erosion.

It’s like a set once you decide to have vines in your garden, then you may add arbors as well for your vines. Well.. you don’t need to do this but we can’t deny vines and arbors has its picturesque charm. If you choose to have an arbors as well, you need to include the maintenance costs as well. Also, you need to choose arbors that fit your taste and personality.

Vines have so many variety, such as:

  1. Twiners

Type of vines that has very flexible stems which twine around a support an arbor or even a tree trunk.

  1. Root Attachment

Type of vines that attach its self

  1. Tendrill

The modified vines. The stems or leaves will wrap themselves in support

  1. Leaners

Type of vines that do not have any any built-in structure. It needs another object or plant for support

  1. Perennial (such as carolina Jessamine, Gold honeysuckle, Wisteria, climbing roses)
  2. Annual (moon vine and morning glory)

Before having vines in your garden, make sure that is what something you want to do. Vines take a long time to grow and may look quite strange in their early stage. Also, some vines naturally can be heavier than other plants, so you should provide a sturdier support for this kind of vines.


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